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Our love for Sicily led us to the idea of sharing it.

"We're not just an ordinary e-shop, we're a lifestyle!"

Sicily is a paradise on earth.

This island offers countless beautiful places.

Excellent cuisine, breathtaking nature, crystal clear sea and charming sights.

At the very heart of Sicily life is the desire to improve the quality of your life. It was with this mission that we founded the company.

That is why we take the decision to buy from us as a big commitment. We have already become part of many families all over Europe, and now you can be a part of ours.

And we do the first and last for our family.

Welcome to Sicily life!

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What we do differ
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How do you explain Sicily to those who were not born here?

You wake up in the morning, you go out, the sun is shining.

It's warming you up. In summer and in winter. You are smiling. Always.

You go down the street to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which you will taste before.

The sea is within reach, just reach out.

The sound of the waves is like a lullaby.

Everything smells so beautiful!

You look around and fall in love.

Sicily is a lifestyle, you can have everything.


 "Sicily to your home."


In our offer… you can also find super tours  "A Sicilian Dream" experiences of all kinds.

"...i popoli del mediterraneo cominciarono ad uscire dalla barbarie quando impararono a coltivare l'ulivo e la vite."

(... the peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to grow olive trees and the vines.)

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