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But why don't we make this day more enjoyable with an evening together in two? And how about improving it with aphrodisiac dinner for a change?

Prepare an aphrodisiac Valentine's menu with us.

We have prepared a simple three-course menu for you. Not only will you surely enchant your counterpart, but above all you will enjoy the Valentine's menu right at your home.

But you don't have to be afraid, everyone can prepare it!


Dried tomatoes

Our tip:

  1. Soak the tomatoes in cold water for at least an hour.

  2. Drain the water, dry and put in a sealable bowl, where you can add sliced garlic, chili peppers, oregano, rinsed capers (instead of salt) and olive oil.

  3. Stir everything and let it rest for 24 hours.

Bruschetta and paté with eggplant and capers

Bruschettas just rub a light layer, it is simply a bomb that tickle your taste buds!

  1. Antichi sapori - Patè di capperi

  2. Antichi sapori - Patè di melanzane

Chopping board with delicacies

Just cut everything, we'll leave the rest to you, let your imagination run wild!

"Rais was one of the first people we met on the island of Favignana, by the way one of the most beautiful islands we've ever seen, thanks to tuna fishing, and he always told us that tuna eggs are an aphrodisiac, and that's why he lived so long. "


Pasta con sugo del Rais

Cook the organic quality pasta according to the instructions, heat the already prepared sauce without preservatives in the pot and when the pasta is cooked, mix it with the heated sauce and you can prepare it on a plate. Finally, just sprinkle with grana padano cheese aged for 18 months and you have it!


Chocolate with chili pepper

How to underline Valentine's recipes? Wine and music are the basis.

And finally our favorite and proven sparkling wine!

Extra dry sparkling wine

Beautiful San Valentine's Day from Sicily life!


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