Semi-aged cheese from raw sheep's milk capped with ground black pepper and oil. The cheese is immediately identified by the color of the uneven dark gray crust, obtained by capping the wheel with black pepper powder and oil, which gives the product a particular compactness and sensorial complexity. The typical animal notes of pecorino cheese are associated, enriching it, with fresh notes that find complexity in the moderately sweet and savory flavor and slightly spicy trigeminal sensations especially in the under rind. Good persistence.


TYPE / Sheep's milk cheese with black pepper
INGREDIENTS / Sheep's milk, rennet, salt, black pepper (2-3%)
ORIGIN OF MILK / Etna area
SHAPE / Regular cylindrical
SPLIT / Slightly bears the marks of the basket
COLOR / Uneven dark gray, slightly basket
INTERNAL COLOR AND UNDERROUST / Uneven straw yellow with gray-yellow color in small patches
EYES / Sparse, uniform and medium
STRUCTURE / Compact, moderately elastic
SMELLS / Balanced lactic, vegetable and animal notes
FLAVORS / Sweet, acid and savory balance
AROMAS / Lactic, vegetable and medium animal
TRIGEMINAL FEELINGS / Moderately refreshing
STRUCTURE IN THE MOUTH / Initially lumpy then moderately soluble


  • Cheese with very defined aromatic notes is well suited for various uses in the kitchen and in the preparation of dishes that enhance the flavors of tradition. Excellent consumption in combination with fresh vegetables and, therefore, also for the composition of summer dishes.